Downtown Decatur Food Tours

Decatur is located 15 minutes from the hustle and bustle of the Metropolis which is Atlanta, and the world's largest airport. Downtown Decatur is a quaint neighborhood bursting with international cuisine, rich history with a unique and sophisticated personality all of its own. While Georgia is famous for delicious southern fare such as fried chicken, collards greens, fried green tomatoes and please don’t forget bar-b-que! Decatur offers all of that and so much more. Downtown Decatur Food Tours takes you through a journey into the culinary cupboards where you will discover Latin, Italian, Korean and good old American cuisine.

Are you curious and would like to sample food from different countries, but don't know what to order? Or, are you an adventurous foodie and you want authentic international cuisine. If so, Downtown Decatur Food Tours is the ideal food tour for you!

Meet The Founder

Tracy Reddick

I am your Culinary Cultural Connector! I was raised in a military family and had the privilege of traveling often. One of the things I enjoy most about visiting a new locale, is sampling the food. I created Downtown Decatur Food Tours to allow you the opportunity to sample different foods all in one fun afternoon.